Why oh why do men wait to call?

This seems to be the topic I discuss most with single peeps and friends alike.  You meet a man, you like a man, he seems to like you too, you go out and have a good time.  He tells you he'll be in touch, only to wait for days on end to no avail...  All my single ladies ask the same question: Why doesn't he call?  Or why does he wait days before you get a call? Well... I'll be very frank... Either he lied and was never going to call you because he doesn't see a future of any kind with you, or and this is a big OR...  He is one of those people that simply can't multitask and manage his time.  Believe me, I've asked many of my past and current male clients why they do this and most of them had the same answer: I honestly wanted to call her, but my work load was unbearable and my kid got sick, and blah, blah, blah.  Yes, it does sound a lot like bull****, and at times it IS bull****.  However, there are those times when something could've happened to prevent him from following up, but most of the times... he isn't into you and doesn't want to see you again.

The bottom line is this, and I've said this for many years now: If a man likes you, and wants to see you he WILL find a way through all his hard work loads and other bull**** to call you and ask to see you again!  There is nothing that will stop him, that is IF he wants to pursue some kind of relationship with you.

The problem is that women and men are very different in how we show our affection.  Women run to the phone the minute we finish the date to call or text that same person we were just on the date with!  We can't wait to tell him how great of a time we had, and how we can't wait to see him again.  Women want and like to give people reassurance, and make sure everyone including our girlfriends know how we feel.  Men, on the other hand... not so much.  The men I've asked say that they show their emotions while they are with the woman, and don't understand why its not enough for her...  They believe that those days in between are their days to spend working, and taking care of whatever priorities they have in their lives; but once they are back with the woman they have no problem 'showing' her how they feel about her.  I put quotes around the word showing because men don't talk much about their feelings, they show you how they feel: they touch you, hug you, kiss you, etc...  You get the point.

Women are a lot more complex, and as I constantly remind my male clients - women NEED to hear things once in a while also, especially in between the dates otherwise you will have one unhappy woman on your hands. Or no woman at all.

Women don't seem to have a hard time finding a minute in their crazy schedule to call or text a man they are interested in.  We are born multi-taskers, and no matter what is going on WILL find five minutes to make that call, or worst case scenario a text, which I don't recommend.  Women can have four kids running around, a full-time job, lunches and dinner to make, homework to work on and still find the time to call someone to say hello.

So in conclusion: Men - don't wait days or weeks to call the woman you want to see again, that is IF you want to see her again!  Women don't need much, a simple hello, how are you is usually enough to make them feel they are wanted and being thought of.

And Women - don't wait and imagine all kinds of reasons for WHY he hasn't called, because we do that when too much time has passed, just accept that after a certain amount of time you need to let it go and find another man.  A better man, a man that will call you the day after a date to tell you that he had a good time and wants to see you again.  Because there ARE men that do that, and instead of waiting and wasting your time wondering why he hasn't called, you could be out there meeting the one that WILL call.  I know it sounds easier said than done, but try it anyway...

So get out there and take charge of your love life!

Have a great week my Singles!