• 1 Year Database Membership

A Database Membership allows us to create your profile and keep you active in the Database. When a paying client is looking for someone who fits your description and profile, we will contact you to see if you're interested in meeting him/her. This membership is good for a year. There are no guarantees with the Database Membership, and we can't specify a time frame or length of time of when we will contact you. By selecting this membership, you agree to these above set rules and understand that there are no guarantees to be made by Julia Bendis, and the team at Match by Julia.

  • Pay As You Go (Pay per Introduction/Match)

 A Pay As You Go Membership is only offered to those potential clients who we feel would benefit from a one or two matches only. Or in the case when we only have one or two matches available. In order for us to know if this is the right membership for you, we ask that you please fill out the Sign Up form.

  • 3 or 5 Months Unlimited Matches

 A 3 or 5 Month membership allows us to develop a close-knit relationship with each client. This gives us time to learn more about them without rushing into each date, and find quality matches for him/her. With this membership, you will receive unlimited matches within that time period.


(Once you fill out the Sign Up form, we will contact you for a personalized membership for you)