Tips for a meeting with a Matchmaker

As a traditional matchmaker and relationship coach, I meet with every person that hires me to help them find a partner, or for coaching and advice. Most of the clients I meet with come very prepared, with questions in hand, dressed to impressed and overall engaged and ready to learn. However, not everyone that I meet with is as prepared or bringing their best self to our first meeting, which only hurts them in the end. The process of finding a partner through a matchmaker is one that’s incredibly personal; I need to see what you bring to the table in order to be able to find the right match for you. When you present yourself in the best light possible, it shows me that you take this process seriously.

If you are considering hiring a Matchmaker to help you find a partner, or coaching as it pertains to the dating world, here are some tips in preparation to your meeting:


1.      Dress to impress! Just as you would for a date.

If you wouldn’t show up to a date with ripped jeans or stains on your shirt, then don’t do it to a meeting with a matchmaker. That means no sneakers, shorts or workout clothes.


2.      Comb your hair, brush your teeth, make sure you look presentable. You wouldn’t think that I’d have to mention this part, but I do…


3.      Ask questions. That’s what the initial meeting is for, to learn as much as you can about the process and what to expect.


4.      Be present and attentive, just like you would be on a date, be engaging and focused.


5.      Listen. Just like you wouldn’t talk about yourself the whole time on a date, don’t do it with a matchmaker. Listen to the advice, to the process being discussed and overall pay attention.


6.      Show me you are a gentleman. Pull out a chair, hold the door open, etc. That’s not so much for the Matchmaker as it is for you, and shows me that this is how you always are and will be on dates.


7.      Overall, you want your Matchmaker to see the best of you; you want her to like you as a person so she can be looking out for you and finding you the right matches. If you and your Matchmaker don’t get along or you don’t respect each other, then you shouldn’t be working with each other. Simple as that.